Other Services

Other Services


The total well-being and development of our lovely children has always been and will continue to be our top priority as a school. We are not only about their cognitive, physical and emotional needs, but also very much concerned about their nutritional desires.

This is because nutrition is linked to all aspect of children’s development, which has direct correlation to their healthy growth into adulthood.

Our School Meal Programme is set up to provide nutritionally balanced, hot and delicious lunch for children as well as staff members each school day. The variety of food served are child friendly and prepared under hygienic condition just like home made. Our menu is usually put together by a qualified Nutritionist to ensure that balanced diet and daily nutrition of our children are guaranteed.


The Taadel After School Care (TASC) provides a very conducive environment for children’s learning extensions and positively engaging activities to relax, unwind and learn under the supportive guidance of child relevant adults as Caregivers. This service is also open to children of other schools so far as they meet up with the necessary requirements.

Our regular school activities end in the Preschool by 1.45pm while  the Primary 3.15pm. However, parents, especially those with unpredictable or busy schedules, who desire a peace of mind and want their child(ren) in safe hands in their absence have the option of registering their child(ren) or wards for the After School Care. The programme starts at 2.00pm and closes at 7:00pm, Monday –Friday.


The unit serves parents who require a safe and reliable means of transporting their beloved child(ren) to and from school. Pupils from different locations within the school’s core catchment areas are picked, delivered safely in school and home with comfort and convenience. It has capacity to further extend to new places on demand and ability to meet up with specified conditions.

The buses are very functional, neat, air-conditioned and handled by experienced, responsible and careful drivers who work with courteous, child friendly and vigilant chaperones. Let your child(ren) have the pleasure of our luxury rides!