Education, globally, over the century has witnessed unprecedented transformation particularly in Nigerian educational system. This has evolved through the combined efforts of the government and the private sector, creating the kind of metamorphosis that is needed in our present time.

In view of this, Taadel, as a school with deliberate educational goals, has decided to raise the bar and benchmark her practice with not only scholastic competence but also entrenching functional education. Hence the urgent need for us to provide Taadel Education.

This is a construct with philosophical leaning, transcending immediate educational goals/aims, but infusing other areas of core competences. These are as summarised in Taadel Education’s 3S’s of functionality:

  1. Self-Functioning: ability to be useful to oneself.
  2.  School Functioning: accessing learning and taking responsibility for one’s learning.
  3.  Service Functioning: ability to engage in volunteer services and show empathy.

Speaking & Listening Drills

Reading & Writing Skills

The Children learn to read & write after learning to speak and listen actively


Rich Language Activities for vocabulary


Teacher Modelling for Understanding



Spoken Language Activities


Written Language Activities


Identify Sounds in Spoken

Admission Process

The following is done before admission is offered

N.B: Mid-Stream Admission is subject to vacancy in the intending class. The child will be required to sit for the most recent examination of the class. An overall average of 70% is required to qualify for admission.

Special Education Needs (SEN)


This unit caters for the uniqueness of children with special educational needs. Our programme also supports gifted learners who are further challenged with higher order activities to occupy and bring out the best in them, while children with learning difficulties are specially attended to through early intervention, deploying special aids and supports. These children are also helped to comfortably transit into the general classroom setting