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Creche School

Our educated Caregivers provide structured, individualised, caring relationship to each baby. We are open every day except public holidays and weekends.


Our educated Caregivers provide structured, individualised, caring relationship to each baby.


In view of this, Taadel, as a school with deliberate educational goals, has decided to raise the bar and benchmark her practice with not only scholastic competence but also entrenching functional education.


A free flowing child that is not spoon fed is a boom to society


Mission Statement

To discover and develop the inherent talents and potential in our children, inculcating in them the core values of life i.e.
  • Love and Affection
  • Respect
  • Discipline and Good behaviour
  • Self Confidence and Determination
  • By collaborating with parents and other learning organizations worldwide, thus ensuring a rounded development of our children as future leaders.


    We Make Learning Easy

    Taadel Private School was established in September, 1999 with the aim of providing a unique learning environment and experience for children that consistently harness the talents and potential in every child, preparing him/her for future leadership roles from secondary school and beyond.

    Taadel Education provides a solid foundation for both Preschoolers and Primary Pupils, using rich curricular that benchmark best practices in childhood education across the globe. Consequently, our products are confident, independent and creative problem solvers who are ready to face and conquer the challenges of the modern world.

    For two decades, Taadel Education has proven to be a good success as our graduates have continued to demonstrate exemplary leadership in their various educational institutions and careers in Nigeria, Africa and indeed all around the world.

    We are strategically located at 138, Okota Road, Isolo, Lagos, Nigeria. Our purpose built structures are well equipped with state- of -the art modern facilities to provide 21st century quality education to young children. These facilities include; well-equipped library, Science and ICT Laboratories, STEAM Laboratory, safe play ground with modern facilities, standard swimming pool, sporting facilities, air-conditioned & multi-media enhanced classrooms, multi-purpose School Hall, constant power supply etc.

    Taadel as a family is closely knitted with all stakeholders (parents, pupils and staff) learning and bonding in a friendly atmosphere. To facilitate this, mind blowing, educative and informative activities are organised all through the year. We also believe in mutual respect, discipline, creativity, continuous learning and progressive growth, which stand as the hallmark of our organizational culture.