Our Curriculum


Preschool (Infant/Nursery)

Our curriculum chronicled ‘Taadel Curriculum’ benchmarks best practices in Early Childhood Education with a mix of the best of Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), Montessori and Traditional Curriculum blending them into 21st Century relevance. Our curriculum is planned with the principle of multiple intelligences in mind. Teaching and learning experience is rooted in experimentation and logic.

Our Ethos includes:

    • Uniqueness of Each Child: we adapt learning experiences and activities to individual child’s uniqueness and interest. It is not a ‘one size fits all’ affair.
    • Enabling Environment: we operate in an exceptionally child-friendly environment; our classrooms and play areas are cosy, hygienic, air-conditioned and well equipped.
    • Positive Relationship: with passion and commitment of our well-trained Practitioners and Caregivers to the development of young children, we shape and drive our programmes using best practices in the classrooms, and learning areas in collaboration with parents to bring our world to families because we believe all children deserve positive relationship models.
    • Learning and Development: as Play-Way curriculum exponentially increases the learning capacity of young children, our children receive the gift of childhood, learning through carefully designed and guided activities, which fully prepares them to go to primary school as well-rounded individuals with good strategies and skills.

Our Activities:

Our focus learning activities are

    • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
    • Communication and Language
    • Mathematics
    • Literacy
    • Science
    • Understanding the World
    • Physical development
    • Expressive Arts and Design
    • Coding/Robotics (Upper Preschool)

Our Routine:

Fun all the way!

Our daily activities are fun filled and full of excitement to ensure that our children develop their ability to form relationships with other children and adults. These activities include:

    • Role Play: helps them to think abstractly and look at things from someone else’s perspective.
    • Messy Play:  enriches their skills in language and imagination, visualization of events and generation of ideas.
    • Outdoor Learning: stimulates their interaction with nature.

Show and Tell:  helps children to express their thought and ideas meaningfully which enhance their self-confidence for public speaking.


The Primary Curriculum is a careful blend of the British National Curriculum and the strength of the Nigerian Curriculum. Our teaching and learning methodology in the classroom incorporates the 4Cs of 21st century learning skills (Creativity, Communication, Collaboration and Critical thinking).

This ensures that knowledge and skills are built systematically and consistently to support transition from one key stage to another. Outdoor learning is also an integral part of our curriculum; hence pupils embark on field trips to further concretize learning in the classroom. Our final products therefore, are well equipped and ready to conquer the world as leaders.

Our curricular activities are segmented into the various categories

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